Doom Patrol #86

    Doom Patrol » Doom Patrol #86 - The Trail of the Terrible Titan, A Medal For 'Go-Buggy 3'! released by DC Comics on March 1964.

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    The Doom Patrol creates gifts for The Chief on his birthday; unfortunately for them, the Brotherhood of Evil sets a plan in motion to steal and ransom the Statue of Liberty!

    A man called Morden steals a giant robot designed by The Chief for lunar exploration. He uses the robot to go on a rampage of destruction to attract The Doom Patrol. When they arrive to stop him, Morden fights them to a standstill, forcing the team to retreat.

    The Brotherhood of Evil is so impressed that they invite Morden to join their team, currently consisting of The Brain, Madame Rouge, and Monsieur Mallah. Morden is then dispatched with Mallah to attempt to steal The Statue of Liberty.

    The Doom Patrol, already aware of the targets, is already waiting for them, and both Morden and Mallah are defeated. However, the villains manage to plant a bomb at the statue's base, which Elasti-Girl must destroy, and The Brotherhood of Evil uses this distraction to make their escape.


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