Doom Patrol #19

    Doom Patrol » Doom Patrol #19 - Crawling from the Wreckage released by DC Comics on February 1989.

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    In "Crawling from the Wreckage" part 1, Grant Morrison begins his celebrated run--one of the earliest works of his DC career. After the events of recent issues, the team must rebuild, gaining all new members in the process!

    Following the disastrous events of last issue Cliff Steele has checked himself into a psychiatric hospital. The implications of his existence as a human brain severed from its host body and placed into a lumbering robotic apparatus getting him down somewhat. Caulder (who has plans to start his Doom Patrol anew) has arranged it that Will Magnus, the creator of Cliff’s new body visit him. Magnus is at first shocked by Robotman's lack of gratitude and self loathing, but points out to him that he isn’t the only creature upon the earth to feel suffering, introducing him to another patient (Crazy Jane). Meanwhile Larry Trainor (Negative Man) recovering in hospital, is set upon by a dark apparition, arranging it that nurse Eleanor Poole and Larry’s anatomies amalgamate in a chemical wedding.


    • The first $1.50 issue.
    • The first issue of Doom Patrol produced as a "New Format".
    • The letter column title is renamed the "Doom Sayers".


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    Please fasten seatbelts and face toward the front. 0

    You are in for the ride of your life. Doom Patrol #19 welcomes Grant Morrison on board and dear lord does he deliver. The first few pages let you know that you are in for something different and possibly weird and insane. Just like Morrison himself. He gives us the best representaion of Robotman in my opinion ever. Showing his trauma from crashing a race car and being in a psych ward to his thoughts about no longer being human. Then there is Crazy Jane. Multiple personalties and powers are a des...

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    Morrison as Prometheus 0

    Grant Morrison is Prometheus. With Animal Man and Doom Patrol, he brought fire to the reading public. Alan Moore and Frank Miller challenged superhero conventions and conventions within the medium itself, but I feel it is here with this series that the potential of the comic book is fully realized. References are made to the esoteric and at no point does the creative team fear challenging the reader. In this first issue, we get an amazingly humanistic and real take on Robotman, we meet the glori...

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    Crawling from the Wreckage (Spanish review) 0

    The Doom PatrolCrawling from the wreckageStruwwelpeter, un cerebro dentro de un hombre de metal, multiples personalides, la figura de Lennon sangra en el museo de cera, una iglesia en el cruce de realidades, un libro negro se salva del fuego tras chocar contra un Greyhound con destino a Providence y un shemale (para no desviarnos demasiado) producto de una boda química.Esto es solo una probadita de lo que nos ofrece The Doom Patrol y su arco Crawling from the wreckage, de la mano de Grant...

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