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    Character » Donovan Wylie appears in 11 issues.

    Donovan Wylie is a genius who accidentally bonded with the alien X-O armor. He works as a special operative for the US Army (on his terms).

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    Donovan Wylie grew up as an Army Brat. Due to moving constantly from one base to another he grew to resent his father and everything that he stood for. The feeling became mutual and a rift formed that would remain until well into Donovan's adult life.

    Donovan was gifted with a genius IQ and earned his Ph.D. at the age of 13. Unfortunately for him he suffered a nervous breakdown one year later. His sister Megan followed in her father's footsteps and joined the army.

    After their father suffered a series of strokes his long time friend Colonel James Laidlaw was asked to watch over them. The X-O Manowar armor had fallen into the US Army's hands during World War II and had been trying to unlock it's secrets for over 50 years. Major Megan Wylie brought in her brother to try and figure out how it worked. He succeeded. The armor was given to Major Rand Banion.

    Unfortunately for the Army they gave the armor to the most fearless soldier they could find. The armor needed someone with a healthy does of fear in order to properly work its defensive mechanism. Banion was killed on his first mission. To keep the armor from falling into enemy hands, Donovan bonded with the X-O (also to save his own life). The Army was not happy at this turn of events but for that mater, neither was Wylie. He agreed to go on select mission for the government that he agreed to, in exchange for free reign to their R&D; labs so he could try and figure out how to unbond himself from the X-O.

    While he never accomplished this before Acclaim Comics shut down, Donovan was seen in Armorines Vol 2 as the designer for the military's Armorines Battle Suits. Donovan initiated a rescue of the Armorines when they were hijacked into space by the Spider-Aliens.


    The X-O Armor bonds with the host and there is no way other than killing the host to remove the unit. The armor can retract into the medallion located on the users chest (in most cases).

    Upon the user's death a part of their consciousness is kept within the armor that can assist the current user. The armor also has the following capabilities:

    Flight: Planetary & Interstellar

    High Durability (depending on the users survival instincts)

    Super Strength


    X-Ray Vision

    Energy Blasts: Blasters are located in the gauntlets on each arm.

    Energy Strike (by charging the weapon gauntlets)

    ElectroMagnetic Pulse

    Energy Flare


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