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    Gerri Brauer is the granddaughter of a Nazi geneticist and later on changed her life to become a superhero. The muscle of the Shadow Cabinet, Donner later leaves and joins Heroes.

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    Gerri Brauer is the granddaughter of a Nazi geneticist, and it may be this heritage that explains her superhuman abilities. After some involvement with neo-nazi gangs as a girl, she foreswore that part of her life, and became a superhero, joining the Shadow Cabinet. A lesbian, she became lovers with her teammate Blitzen, and when team leader Dharma went insane and tried to imprison them all, she broke out of the base and escaped with a handful of others, Blitzen included. They have since formed a new team, the Heroes.

    DC Universe

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    However, with the unification and fusion of their world and the DCverse, Heroes no longer exists. She is now once again part of the Shadow Cabinet, and fought, and later aided, the Justice Society of America.

    Powers & Abilities

    Super Strength

    Donner has Superhuman strength that allows her to lift over 3 tons with no effort, her exact limits are unknown.


    Donner is seemingly immune to any assault caused by Physical attacks.


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