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    Character » Donna Troy appears in 2010 issues.

    First appearing as a Wonder Woman doppelganger, Donna Troy has become one of the most beloved characters in the DC universe. Following the New 52 reboot, she is re-imagined as the perfect Amazonian weapon born of clay to battle Wonder Woman for the throne of Themiscyra.

    Donna Troy's 50TH birthday!! (And our gal WW's 30th)

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    Hey all you WW fans...are any of you also Donna Troy fans?!?

    Well this April 29th will be her 50th anniversary since her debut in the comicbook The Brave And The Bold #60, which came out in 1965, April 29.

    The mistake that many Wonder Girl (and even Donna Troy) fans make is that they think the Wonder Girl that appeared in Kanigher’s incarnation was Donna Troy. When in fact it was NOT. “Wonder Girl” and “Donna Troy” are TWO separate entities.

    Here's the true history behind it all:

    It was Princess Diana of Paradise Island who was first called "Wonder Girl”...and it was by her mom Hippolyta (in the newspaper strip that first appeared in 1944, and also on April 29th!). After that, Kanigher took over the WW comic, and created a young gal version of Diana (who was called Wonder Girl) to simultaneously co-exist with both the infant version (Wonder Tot) and adult version (WW) of the same character of Princess Diana.

    Then in 1965, while gathering junior superheroes to create the Teen Titans, writer Bob Haney mistakenly thought that Kanigher's ‘Wonder Girl’ was a separate character altogether, much like Robin was from Batman. And so he assigned the name “Donna Troy” to this Wonder Girl whom he thought was separate from Princess Diana. When he was told of his mistake, Haney had already drawn out the blueprint of his Teen Titans mythology. So to correct his mistake while not having to scrap his entire finished product, he simply gave his Wonder Girl a separate identity. Thus was [mistakenly] born DONNA TROY.

    But Haney's mistake created a very interesting archetype element in the mythology of the Heroine's Journey...the little sister that the main heroine never knew she had! This is reflected in the mythologies of heroine-successors to WW, such as Buffy’s sister Dawn Summers, Nikita's Alex, or Sydney Bristow's Nadia Santos.

    A more thorough explanation of this archetypal element in the continuing WW mythos can be found in the “Mistaken Sister” chapter of my FREE pdf manuscript, “WHO IS WONDER WOMAN?

    Some people love Donna, others want her GONE already! For me, ever since I've heard of Donna Troy back in the 90's, I've never held her to be a true part of the original WW mythos. But I have taken a liking to the character just by herself, in her own element with the Titans. Though, to me, she just doesn't fit in with the true WW mythology. And to this day I still don't know if the Marston family has accepted her as their own, as “family”, as much as Diana is....But its still interesting that Haney named her ‘Donna’, just as one of Dr. Marston's sons is named ‘Don’...and that the Trojans (who live in the city of Troy) are friends with Dr. Marston’s Amazons. Hmmmmmm.

    Now I've heard that in the NU52, the latest incarnation of Donna Troy was changed into something entirely different and freaky. I haven't had time to investigate whassup with that. But regardless...whatever they're doing with the character nowadays......

    Happy birthday, Donna Troy!

    P.S. This April THIRTIETH will be Happy THIRTIETH Birthday for WW screen-actor, Gal Gadot!! Thirty never looked so good! =W=

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    April 29: The first WW appearance of the name “Wonder Girl”. It was uttered by Hippolyta to her newborn toddler Diana, in the advertising of the upcoming Wonder Woman newspaper strips.


    May 26: Writer Robert Kanigher releases a Wonder Woman childhood story featuring the first appearance of a Wonder Girl outfit, which is not a bustier, in Wonder Woman #30.


    February 12: The beginning of the revised Silver Age origin of teenaged Diana as Wonder Girl born before arriving on Paradise Island, in Wonder Woman #105.


    April 29: Debut of the Wonder Girl character created by Bob Haney that is a member of the original Teen Titans and is wearing the outfit originally worn by a young Princess Diana.


    Sept 9: Airing of the animated TV series, “The Superman/Aquaman Hour Of Adventure”, featuring the Teen Titans Wonder Girl, which is the first TV appearance of any Wonder Girl at all.


    May 15: Bob Haney's Wonder Girl character is officially given the separate identity and name of "Donna Troy", in Teen Titans #22.

    July 17: Debut of Donna Troy’s new red Wonder Girl jumpsuit, in Teen Titans #23.


    November 6: Debut of the first live action Wonder Girl, in “Wonder Woman" TV series’ episode, “The Feminum Mystique - part 1”. This incarnation of the Wonder Girl character is Diana’s younger sister named ‘Drusilla’ who wears a red tanktop outfit that was inspired by the red jumpsuit worn by Donna Troy.


    April 25: Release of New Titans #55, featuring Donna Troy’s name change (Troia) and outfit change that combines mystical gifts from the Titans of Myth, including fabric made from firmament.


    November 14: Debut of the third Wonder Girl, teenager Cassandra “Cassie” Sandsmark, in Wonder Woman #105, who was named after writer John Byrne's friend Joanna Sandsmark and WMM's great great granddaughter.


    April 29: Release of Wonder Woman: Donna Troy #1, part of the “GirlFrenzy! Crossover” specials.


    June 11: TITANS/YOUNG JUSTICE: GRADUATION DAY #3 (Aug coverdate) comes out, where by now, Donna Troy had been killed & the Titans and YJ disband.


    June 1: Release of DC Special: The Return Of Donna Troy #1, which also featured the debut of the new DC logo that is very symbolically suggestive of Wonder Woman.


    Sept 28: Debut of the New52 rebooted Wonder Girl, in Teen Titans #1, who is a new character unrelated to Wonder Woman.


    June 11: Music artist Jon Huertas releases his single, “Wonder Girl”.

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