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Brief History

 The lovely Donna Maria.
 The lovely Donna Maria.
Donna Maria met Captain America after her cousin Hector Santiago better known as the Swine had kidnapped Steve Rogers and transported him to Rio De Muerte. The Swine was a corrupt prison warden that tried to eliminate Captain America and prove himself to his guards and cousin Donna Maria. Donna Maria did not respect Hector and told him that a real man will eventually break him. Outraged by her insults, the Swine grabbed Donna Maria and threw her into a pit trap with Captain America. The creature known as Man Fish attacked the Swine and killed him. Man Fish was actually created by Arnim Zola and he wanted Captain America and Donna Maria for experiments. Both of them were captured by two of Arnim Zola's creations, Primus and Doughboy. They were taken to Castle Zola but both Donna and Captain America were able to escape and survive their ordeal. The two of them were attracted to one another but nothing serious came out of it because Steve Rogers was still in love with Sharon Carter


Donna Maria was created by Jack Kirby in 1977 and first appeared in Captain America # 206.

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