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Donald Duck

The success of Donald Duck came at a most opportune time. While Mickey was still popular, he had evolved into a more gentle, easy-going character. Consequently, Disney was finding it more and more difficult to come up with ideas that would be comedically fruitful. With Donald, the possibilities seemed endless.

Throughout his career, Donald's voice was provided by Clarence "Ducky" Nash, and a lot of his humor came from the fact that you could never really understand what he was saying; even more so when he flew into one of his fits of rage. However, more than once Donald has been accused of profanity. In Clock Cleaners, the Rev. Donald Wildmon swore that he heard Donald say an obscenity in one of his outbursts and convinced the Wal-Mart chain to pull the video off of their shelves because of it.

While Donald may have gotten angry at his various tormenters through the years, he was rarely malicious. His jokes, or his attempts at revenge just always had a way of backfiring on him. But even his worst challengers found ways in the end of finding a peaceful co-existence.

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And i actually get the topic title.

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