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    Collecting the best stories from Disney comics! Explore Duckburg and Mouseton with your favorite characters, big and small, as they go on daredevil adventures! Includes stories featuring Mickey, Donald, and Scrooge McDuck, as well as the Beagle Boys, Arizona Goof, Peg-Leg Pete, and the Phantom Blot! Donald and Fethry play Robinson Crusoe with Scrooge’s luxury liner; Mickey’s hot on the trail of his Wild West desperado ancestor; the Beagles shake down Ludwig Von Drake’s hi-tech history museum… and much, much more!


    • The Bad-News Bruise Cruise (from Italian Topolino 2542, 2004)
    • Dissin' Cousins (from Italian Topolino 3048, 2014)
    • The Secret of Gold City (from Italian Topolino 2749, 2008)
    • The Interactive Initiative (from Italian Topolino 2401, 2001)
    • Lead a Horse to Waller (from Italian Topolino 2597, 2005)
    • Call to Disarm (from Italian Topolino 2610, 2005)
    • A Pocket in Time (from Italian Topolino 2478, 2003)
    • The Good, the Bad and the Fethry (from Topolino 2882, 2011)
    • Vacation Frustrations (from Italian Topolino 2950, 2012)
    • Fear Factory (from Italian Topolino 2807, 2009)
    • Wake-Up Call (from Italian Topolino 2887, 2011)
    • Shop Till You Drop (from Italian Topolino 3046, 2014)
    • Chief Casey's Longest Night (from Italian Topolino 2147, 1997)
    • Hi-Tech Lows (from Italian Topolino 2896, 2011)


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