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Marada, fought alongside Donal MacLlanllwyr and others near the Rhine in pitched battle against a war party out of Germanica. She fought with a ferocious skill that humbled most of the men beside her and earned her the name, "She-Wolf."
   By age 24, Marada's skills as a warrior were known and respected throughout the Empire. Even earning the respect of Donal MacLlanllwyr having crossed swords with him on at least one occasion, Donal counted himself lucky to hold his own. 
   Roman Tribune Gaius Marcellus Fulva rescued Marada from her captor and arranged a caravan of Parthian mercenaries to return her to Rome in hopes of gaining favor with her grandfather, Caesar. An Egyptian sorcerer infiltrated the caravan, unbeknownst to Gaius Marcellus. Donal MacLlanllwyr freed Marada from Parthian mercenaries and killed the Egyptian sorceror who was in fact an assassin sent to kill Marada. Donal was surprised to find her so changed after just a week taking note of how submissive she had become. Donal transported himself, his warriors, and Marada to Ashandriar, an ancient and magical realm ruled by his mother, Rhiannon, mistress of the arts arcane, who recognized the stench of black sorcery about Marada.

    After a night's rest, Marada asked Donal if she was his prisoner. He offered to let her go free if she could disarm him in combat, but she was easily subdued. While she submissively offered herself to Donal, she refused to explain what had happened to her.

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    Simyon Karashnur had his torturer painfully slay Gaius Marcellus for his theft, after which he used Marada's possessions to enable a demon of the Outer Dark to come to Earth and usurp Marada's form to recover her for their masters. Sensing this, Marada awakened, screaming. Rhiannon sensed the hidden magical scars upon Marada's back; her granddaughter (Donal's daughter), Arianrhod stayed by Marada's side, talking to  her, providing comfort, and becoming her friend over the course of the night. Marada still however refused to share her recent trauma even with her.
    Over the next few days Arianrhod helped Marada become more comfortable in Ashandriar, and over the ensuing months they became inseparable companions; through Arianrhod, Marada discovered  a joyous innocence she had been herself denied. As Marada began to recover from her trauma, she found herself drawn to Donal. While bathing, however, Arianrhod mystically sensed Marada's "Magic" scars. When she asked Marada about them she furiously drove her off. Regretting this, Marada soon after opened up to Donal and revealed her trauma.  
   The N'Garai Marada doppelganger then attacked Donal and Marada. Arianrhod briefly stunned the demon, but it swiftly

recovered, delivering mortal wound to Donal, and abducted Arianrhod in order to force Marada to follow her. Rhiannon tried but failed to save Donal.


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