Don Lamaze

    Character » Don Lamaze appears in 22 issues.

    Otto Octavius' former classmate and his professor while he was in possession of Peter Parker's body.

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    In elementary school he was classmates with Otto Octavius, who helped him to pass. Years later, he teaches at Empire State University, among his students are Anna Maria Marconi and "Peter Parker", who is really Otto having switched bodies with Peter to cheat death.

    The Superior Spider-Man

    Lamaze Confronts
    Lamaze Confronts "Peter Parker" for Plagiarizing his Friend Otto Octavius

    As Otto prepares to present his thesis Professor Lamaze begins to grow suspicious of him and accuses him of plagiarism, having recognized the basic concepts as those of Otto Octavius. Soon after Lamaze and Anna Maria are attacked by Stunner, a former assistant and lover to Doctor Octopus, but Spider-Man catches it in time to save them, leaving himself open to Stunner's assault. As she thrashes him, the spider-bots are able to shut down her interface. The next day Lamaze drops his accusations against Parker, saying that Otto Octavius had visited him, and revealed that "Peter" had given Otto all of the ideas for his inventions.

    Green Goblin's Hostage
    Green Goblin's Hostage

    During the Goblin take over of New York the Goblin King lures Spider-Man to Empire State University where he reveals that Lamaze as his hostage . As Spider-Man launches to attack Osborn with his mechanical arms the Goblin King reveals that he had hacked them, causing them to attack Otto instead. However, Lamaze jumps into one of them receiving the fatal stab, stating that he did it to repay him for saving his life when Stunner attacked. Spider-Man cradles him in his arms as he dies.


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