Character » Don-Krieg appears in 45 issues.

    Don Krieg is the meanest and biggest show-off in all of the show and manga that is One Piece.

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    Don Krieg is the most vicious person in all of One-piece.Infact,one of his men came to the resturant that Zeff owns asking for free food and telling everyone that Don Lrieg had starved his men.Don thinks that he is high and mighty because his gold armor was chok-full of guns,knives,even a cannon.

    It turns out that Don Krieg was actually lacking food for even himself.So when he sent the man to ask for free food, he actually wanted him to steal as much food as possible. He failed, so Krieg came and raided the restaurant. He blew up everything in sight and killed many people, even the man he sent to steal the food.

    After the harassment he went back to his ship and began sailing again,but Luffy caught up to him and kicked his but by shooting a cannonball into the side of Kreig's ship.It nearly sunk but he managed to get it repaired.While he was repairing his ship, Luffy and his crew managed to jump onto Kreig's ship and Luffy knocked him out with Gum-Gum Bell and injured his crew badly.


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