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    A famous TV personality, Don Kanonji entertains his viewers with supposedly driving spirits away from their haunting places, but fails. He is known for his famous gesture and catchphrase, "Bwahaha!"

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    Appearance and Personality

    Don Kanonji is known for his bright and flashy outfits that make him stick out like a sore thumb. Kanonji is a tall man, according to his bio in the mange he used to be a male model and is close to Sado's height. Kanonji wears dark glasses constantly and likes flowing capes or jackets. He usually wears some kind of headgear. Under his headgear he keeps his hair in what looks like tight braids.

    Kanonji is a very loud and brash man. Where as most characters like him have some level of restraint Kanonji is oblivious to the fact that he is over the top. Kanonji is a very brave man, kinda dumb though as he refuses to retreat even after he is outmatched. Amongst other character traits Kanonji is rather kind, but always searches for attention.

    Annoying Behavior

    Don Kanonji has a trademark laugh that has helped make him famous in Bleach. Kanonji will throw his hands over his chest in an "X" with his fingers curled and then throws his head back and laughs loudly with a "Buwhahaha!" The movement and laugh are seen as his way of greeting the audience at the onset of his show and follow him through any intrusion in Ichigo's life.

    Involvement in the Story Lines

    Spirits Are Amongst Us

    Don Kanonji is the major minor character introduced in this story line. When the story starts Ichigo is actually complaining about how annoying he finds Kanonji and his show and then ends up having to go to a taping with his family. As Ichigo and the gang show up to see Spontaneous Trips to Spiritual Hot Springs they find that a spirit is trapped at the location. When Ichigo and Rukia decide to wait to cleanse a soul that is trapped in the hospital that the show is taping at Kanonji unwittingly speeds up the "Hollow- fication" of the spirit. Kanonji begins to break the center off of the spirit and Ichigo and Rukia jump to action. Unfortunately security is less accepting of what Ichigo and Rukia are trying to do and end up tacking them. Kanonji continues to pry at the spirit's center until Ichigo changes forms and tries to stop him. As Kanonji finishes breaking the center of the spirit it vanishes and reappears on top of the hospital before deciding to attack Kanonji and Ichigo for their high Spirit Pressure. Kanonji can do nothing while he is drug away by Ichigo but watching bewilderment when the Hollow follows them. Ichigo explains to Kanonji why the Hollow came to be and how he is responsible for it. Kanonji apologizes for his actions but still refuses to leave the fight as he believes himself a hero. Ichigo becomes furious and confronts Kanonji about his warped beliefs when suddenly the Hollow attacks and Ichigo is trapped. As the Hollow closes in Kanonji jumps in the way and protects Ichigo before he uses the most of his Spirit Pressure and frees Ichigo from the low ceiling that has trapped the tip of his Zanpaku- to. As the battle rages to the building's ceiling Kanonji can do nothing more than crawl after the fight to try to help Ichigo. Once the fight is over Ichigo tries to talk with Kanonji, but ends up with a fan club membership and a new and annoying friend.

    Quincy Archer and Battle of the Runicon

    Shortly after the taping incident Ichigo comes to the door one day to be greeted by Kanonji. Unwilling to just talk to Kanonji Ichigo simply locks the door and tries to ignore him until Yuzu burst in and lets her tv hero in. Once inside Kanonji talks with Ichigo and reveals he bribed Rukia into showing him how to get to the clinic. Kanonji is quickly left to talk with Yuzu and Isshin as Ichigo and Rukia take off for a Hollow alert.

    The next time Kanonji is seen is in a splash page where he responds to teh presence of the Hollows that Uryu has lured into our world.

    Powers and Abilities

    Don Kanonji is rather deceptive in his powers as he is at Ichigo's level of Spirit Pressure, but has nowhere near the spirit Strength that Ichigo and the others have. On top of that Kanonji can't move at the same speed or levitate, but he is able to sense all levels of spiritaul beings. Kanonji does have a particular ability to manifest and propel his Spirit Energy into an explosive sphere that may move slowly, but does have a huge blast.


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