Character » Dominus appears in 26 issues.

    Dabbling in forbiden sorcery destroyed Tuoni's body, leaving only the vengeance-seeking phantasm known as Dominus.

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    The being known as Tuoni was an alien priest who lived a life of prayer and peacful meditation. As a Lord of Order, he served as one of the five custodians of his world's faith, Tuoni fell in love with his fellow devotee Ahti. But when Ahti ascended past him and assumed the mantle of Kismet, Illuminator of all Realities, jealous Tuoni turned to infernal magicks to replace his former paramour.

    Tragic Love

    When the four moons of his world aligned, Tuoni watched in horror as his lover Ahti was granted the divine powers he coveted and became Kismet. Paying no heed to the dangers, Tuoni consulted ancient magical texts to upsurp Kismet's mantle. His attempt to assault and rob Kismet of her power resulted in his body being incinerated. Despite Tuoni's betrayel, Kismet showed mercy, shunting his body into Kryptonian limbo known as the Phantom Zone

    Kryptonian Connection

    While scattered in the Phantom Zone, Tuoni's shattered self was discovered by a hologram.  The hologram was of Kem-L an ancient Kryptonian scientist who reprogrammed the Eradicator to create his own xenophobic society and is one of Kal-El's ancestors.
    Kem'L's hologram used his technology to rebuild a body for Tuoni.  Now with psionic and vast cosmic powers, Tuoni became Dominus, a Lord of Chaos and escaped the Phantom Zone via the Fortress of Solitude.

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