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    Dominor was the leader of the second generation Spaceknights.

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    Dominor was the aptly named leader of the Second Generation Spaceknights. He could form razor-sharp forceblades at his hands, fire disruptor beams from his hands and paralysis beams from his eyes.

    Lord Dominor led his Spaceknights to annihilate the human population of Galador. His secret plan was to first annihilate all humans and then to have his Spaceknights return to human form. He expected them to breed a master race. However Heatwave, his second-in-command and rival for power, did not wish to become human again. He destroyed the human forms of all Spaceknights held in storage, both the first and the second Generation doomed to remain cyborgs forever. But Dominor kept his own human form intact and planned to use it to breed with the only female available to him, Brandy Clark. A plan that unsurprisingly did not please either Rom or Brandy.

    Dominor and Rom faced each other in single combat in front of the second generation Spaceknights who were actually unaware of the cause of this battle. Rom defeated Dominor and the Spaceknights turned on their "weak" leader. They formed a "Ring of Power" intended to destroy Rom, Dominor and Galador itself, a tactic taught to them by Dominor. Instead they were all slain by the Ring. Dominor had actually taught them a self-annihilation method without stating its purpose. The resulting explosion also destroyed Dominor's human form. With all his dreams at an end, Dominor committed suicide. Rom survived him and did return to human form, mating with Brandy as Dominor had intended.


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