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    The Domino Lady is a masked crime fighter who fights corruption in 1930s Los Angeles.

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    The Domino Lady is a masked crime fighter who fights corruption in 1930s Los Angeles. Her secret identity is Ellen Patrick, a sexy blonde Berkeley grad bent on avenging the death of her father. Ellen’s father, Owen Patrick, was a highly respected District Attorney who worked to eradicate organized crimes until one of the city’s biggest crime bosses along with Owens’s close friend would send out a hired goon to “whack” him. As Ellen places her faith in the justice system to catch her father’s killer, she eventually discovers corruption within the police department and the office where her father once formally served. Swearing to avenge her father, Ellen creates an alter ego —Domino Lady. Clad in a white, backless halter dress and a black domino mask, Ellen sets out to find the ones responsible for her father’s murder. As Domino Lady, she punishes kills and steals from gangs while leaving a calling card on scene with the words: “Compliments of the Domino Lady”.

    In the series debut, Domino Lady is asked for assistance by a private investigator to search for a stolen Jade statue belonging to a Chinese drug lord named Benny Lee. Benny Lee has sinister motives which involve selling his tainted opium drugs throughout Los Angeles that has already claimed 5 lives, and will continue pushing his drugs unless he gets his Jade statue back. While things get far complicated for Domino Lady, Sherlock Holmes arrives in town to find the same statue to help out his close friend whose daughter has been abducted by Kai-Fong, one of Benny Lee’s rival who will resort in killing the young girl if his demands aren’t met. Following a lead, Domino Lady discovers that the jade statue is in possession of Maxim Furstenberg another one of Benny Lee’s rival who hired one of Lee’s employees to steal the statue for him. Ellen is able to seduce Maxim and uses her serum to drug him, which allows her to break into his safe and recover the statue. Instead of turning the statue over to Benny Lee, Domino Lady agrees to help Sherlock Homes rescue the girl, which allows a planned tradeoff between Homes and Kai-Fong to take place. However, Benny Lee and his gang storm in and end up fighting with one another. Domino Lady is able to save the girl from Kai-Fong’s men while Benny Lee winds up dead in the ensuing fight.


    Domino Lady is a pulp heroine first published in May, 1936. Her first Appearance was Saucy Romantic Adventure.

    Powers and Abilities

    Domino Lady is fairly agile and arms herself with a .45 pistol along with a syringe full of knockout serum. Domino Lady relies on her wits to outsmart gangs especially using her sex appeal to her advantage, which often distracts her opponents or often leads them to underestimate her.


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