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Dominique the Cyclops was created by Yasuhiro Nightow for his Trigun series.

Major Story Arcs

Invisible Eye

After she and a few other Gung Ho Guns members crushed a slaver's gang, Dominique drew out Vash to the building they were to fight on with a massive stain of blood on the ground for him to find. Using her powers, she managed to get behind Vash undetected, and told him that she could have killed him three times already, dropping three of the buttons of Vash's coat as proof. Vash however didn't wish to fight her, and instead demanded she tell him where Legato was. Dominique wasn't willing to do so however, and proceeded to fight Vash, constantly managing to sneak up behind him and shoot him almost before he could react.

After narrowly dodging a few times, Vash was able to finally defeat Dominique by placing pressure on one of his wounds, allowing him to concentrate on the pain, realizing that he didn't feel the pain anymore as soon as Dominique used her eye. Vash soon ended the battle by shooting her directly in her right eye,

Fifth Moon

Defeated by Vash, Dominique admitted that she'd been no help to Legato, and so she committed suicide by jumping off the building that she and Vash had been fighting on. Vash tried to stop Dominique, but she would most likely have met a similar fate for her failure anyhow.

Powers and Abilities

Dominique's main weapon is found in her right eye, which has an ability called "Demon's Eye", giving her the power to hypnotize her opponent and erase a small portion of their recent memory, temporarily stunning them and making it seem as if she moved at super speed. She activates this ability when she lifts the eye patch on her right eye.

Anime Version

The anime version of Dominique is nearly identical to her manga version, although her right eye is a red eye instead of being reptilian like in the manga. She is also the second Gung Ho Gun to face Vash, rather than the third.

The battle between her and Vash takes place outside the city that was nearby. She runs away after being defeated by Vash, but she doesn't get far because she is soon found by Midvalley the Hornfreak. Her body is later found mounted on a wall next to Monev the Gale's body. Although E.G. Mine was facing Vash when he found their corpses, it is unknown whether he was the one to kill them or not.


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