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Very little is known about Dominic Stone. At some point he joined up with the Nose, where he became a detective and was taken under the wing of the leader of the Nose, Eric Finch.


Dominic Stone was created by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. He made his first appearance in Warrior #3.

Major Story Arcs

V for Vendetta

Alongside Finch, Dominic becomes embroiled in the ongoing investigation into the terroristic activities of V. During the investigation he provides invaluable insight, most notably uncovering the connection between V and Larkhill. Following Finch's resignation, Dominic takes control of the Nose. During this time the investigation into V goes slowly, though he eventually uncovers V's hacking of the Fate computer. He attempts to warn Adam Susan, but V has already made his presence in the system known. He encounters Finch again as riots break out across the city, and Finch instructs him to be his own man before departing. Caught up in the rioting, Dominic is rescued by Evey Hammond, the new V, who takes him to her Shadow Gallery, implicitly to make him her new protegé.

Powers and Abilities

Dominic has no superhuman powers or abilities. He is a skilled and well-trained police detective.

Other Media

V for Vendetta

Dominic appears in this film adaptation of the comic. He is portrayed by Rupert Graves.

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