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The character stated to a version of Thor on panel in 'Last Planet Standing' issue 2 of 5 (2006) that he was " a minor bureaucrat on a planet too insignificant to mention" when he was bestowed the Power Cosmic from Galactus. That is all that is know about his origin.

Dominas was a Herald of Galactus in a alternate version of the Marvel Universe which was similar to the 616 Marvel Universe (with, obviously some differences). In this reality Dominas was able to battle powerful foes such as Thor, Gladiator or the Imperial Guard, The Imperial Guard itself, the Fantastic Five, and the Silver Surfer.

An altercation with the Silver Surfer proved the downfall of Dominas, and in 'Last Planet Standing #4", the Silver Surfer absorbed the Power Cosmic and total being of Dominas into his own after a brief fight.

Powers and Abilities

Dominas displayed the Power Cosmic in a fashion very similar to the Silver Surfer, yet distinctively different in ways. His energy signature was Green in coloration and appeared visually as "wave like" energy. As in typical fashion for a being endowed with the Power Cosmic Dominas displayed such abilities as:

  • Shields
  • Telepathy similar to Surfers in em pathetically reaching all the minds of Earth's population
  • Energy projection / blasting power (strong enough to blow up the Moon with one shot)
  • Speed (presumably FTL as other heralds)
  • Strength (sufficient enough to one shot Gladiator of the Imperial Guard)
  • Durability (sufficient enough to shrug off repeated blows from Mjolnir and blows from Gladiator of the Imperial Guard)
  • Enhanced Senses (was able to sense the location of the Odinsword in Asgard)
  • Teleportation (opened a Wormhole that trapped Thor and the Odinsword and teleported them to Galactus's ship)

It is notable that there is a certain ability of the Silver Surfer that Dominas did not replicate (and leading to Surfer's uniqueness) which includes:

  • Lack of matter manipulation/molecular control as Surfer displayed

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