Domed city

    Concept » Domed city appears in 49 issues.

    A city protected and/or isolated from it external environment by a huge structure, generally a translucid dome.

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    A domed city is a kind of theoretical or fictional structure that encloses a large urban area under a single roof. In most descriptions, the dome is airtight and pressurized, creating a habitat that can be controlled for air temperature, composition and quality, typically due to an external atmosphere (or lack thereof) that is inimical to habitation for one or more reasons. Domed cities have been a fixture of science fiction and futurology since the early 20th century, and may be situated on Earth, a moon or other planet.

    In some works, the domed city represents the last stand of a human race that is either dead or dying. Where other science fiction stories emphasize the vast expanse of the universe, the domed city places limits on its inhabitants, with the subtext that chaos will ensue if they interact with the world outside.

    Ins sci fi and comics there has been several examples of the existance of the doomed cities and its variations:

    • The bottled city of Kandor in the Superman Universe. Also, Supergirl's Argo city.
    • Aquaman's Atlantis.
    • Logan's run.
    • Legion of Superheroes' 30th century earth (the whole planet was inside a sphere).
    • Convergence.


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