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    Dolmann was a brilliant scientist who worked for the government and created his own team of robotic puppets, each with unique specialties in different fields which he used to fight crime.


    Dolmann and his animatronic puppets were created for Valiant in 1966. Appearing in the "House of Dolmann" strip they made their first appearance in the October 8th Issue.

    After a long run in Valiant, The House of Dolmann was later reprinted in Vulcan.

    Eric Bradbury drew the majority of the stories.


    Dolmann built and controlled his own team of robots, each had different abilities.

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    Clockwise from Dolmann:

    • Giggler - Loud and agile Robot often used as a decoy
    • Mole - Tunneling Robot used for digging or opening locks
    • Astro - This Robot functioned as a Pilot.
    • Togo - Super-strong robot used for muscle.
    • Raider - A Robot with a variety of different non-lethal guns.
    • Elasto - Robot that could stretch far distances.
    • Trailer -.Tracking Robot with various scanning devices.

    Other Versions


    In this miniseries from Wildstorm all of the old British comic books are revealed to have taken their inspiration from real people, people who have been detained in a secret prison for many years.

    Here Dolmann was the father of Bad Penny the main character of Albion. Bad Penny was trying to discover where her father and the other British Superheroes had been taken, intending to rescue them.

    Unfortunately Dolmann turned out to have already passed on many years previously.

    Captain Britain

    An analogue of Dolmann, named "Puppetman" was mentioned in Alan Moore's acclaimed Captain Britain story "Crooked World". In the story Puppetman was from a world populated by analogues of popular characters from Valiant and Lion, he was killed off-panel whilst fighting The Fury.


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