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Little is known about Doll Face. This girl was one of the students of Mr. Carter and his guinea pig right in his genetic experiments. During the onslaught of Headcase, in Walker High School, in San Francisco, Doll Face faced Wonder Girl after she had already taken down Kid Flash.

During the battle, Raven was able to make Barney notice that he didn't need to act in such a way to not feel alone. However, the impulsive Robin attacked the boy, causing him to feel betrayed. Thus, Headcase unleashed his wrath through his powers, destroying all the exposed site, after creating a black hole.

Fortunatley, the team defeats Headcase while Caligan escapes and his other victims like Doll Face were taken to the hospital, while Jock wasn't found.

The Caligan's goal is unknown.

Powers and Abilities

Dollface has the ability to make your skin tough as steel, thus presenting a certain strength and invulnerability. In addition to this, her skin als on serves as electrical conduit.


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