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    Doktor Sleepless is the self-proclaimed "future science Jesus" of Heavenside.he can lift 9999999999999999 tons

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    John Reinhardt was a boy genius, a philosopher, a traveler, a grinder, an author and a very rich man. He took on the Doktor Sleepless persona because no one listened to him as John Reinhardt and he had things to say, things about the world and the future. He chose the name "Doktor Sleepless" because at the time, he hadn't slept for a year. He's still a genius and all the other things, but he also seems to be more than a little insane.  John invented many of the technological items such as tags, the concept of Shrieky Girls, girls that have a sensational feed back link between them through either jewelry or a false fingernail etc. After dissapearing from the town of Heavenside for 3 years, he mysteriously returns and starts broadcasting his message over the radio to the town's counter culture, known as Grinders and reprinting the book The Darkening Sky. Eventually more and more people tune in to his social commentary about how they aren't living in the future that was promised to them. He deliberatelly instigates violence through the Grinders, and provides them with the technological means to do so, and also releases a Bio-weapon, St Theresa's Eyes, which causes the infected to have hallucinations of angels.
    As a child John witnessed his parent's souls being sucked out of them by a 10th dimensional being while reading from the Darkening Sky, effectivelly killing them. Originally he wanted to organize people to fight against these beings, rather than have the human race exist as a refrigerator, but has decided to end the world instead, starving the creatures out of spite, Heavenside is just the testing ground for his plans. 
    Whether or not Doktor Sleepless is actually John Reinhardt or not has been brought to question many times within the series, as John Reinhardt is imprisoned in Cell #23 of the St. Thomas Institute in Heavenside, Doktor Sleepless has alluded that this may be a Tulpa, a being of pure thought that was created to stand in for him while he traveled the world. However, while having a psychotic moment in a bathroom where the mirror is talking to him, the mirror asks him who's the real John Reinhardt, the one in front of the mirror, the one in the cell, or the one that died two years ago. 
    John Reinhardt also wrote for the blog Imminent.sea under the pseudonym of Professor Zero, writing about human-computer interface, street tech, and RFID Interface    


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