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    Character » Doiby Dickles appears in 222 issues.

    Sidekick to the first Green Lantern, Alan Scott. He later joined Old Justice and was an ally to Young Justice.

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    Doiby was the Golden Age sidekick of Green Lantern and fought alongside Alan Scott on many adventures including fighting the Nazis during World War II Doiby (Brooklynese for "Derby" a nod to the hat he always wore) was a cab driver from Brooklyn, New York, famous for using the slogan "Soivice that don't make youse noivice". Doiby was also a skilled street fighter and driver. He spoke often of his love for the Brooklyn Dodgers and his beloved cab "Goitrude".

    Doiby developed a working friendship with Irene Miller, a skilled reporter who often became involved in Alan Scott's adventures.

    Years later, Doiby assisted a beautiful alien, Princess Ramia of the plant Myrg, in escaping marriage to the evil Prince Peril. Doiby initially believed that the Princess would make an ideal wife for his buddy Alan, however the gentle Princess was enamoured over the kindness and loyalty displayed by Doiby. After an adventure that saw both Alan Scott, and his Earth-One counterpart Hal Jordan, defeat the evil Prince Peril, Princess Ramia revealed her love for Doiby Dickles. The two married and ruled Myrg peacefully. Years later, Alan would visit his friend on Myrg and find that the former cab driver had a profound impact on the planet's culture. The people of Myrg had adopted Brooklyn accents and transformed their city into a combination of alien architecture and old New York, complete with a recreation of Ebbets Field.

    Doiby later joined Old Justice, working to shut down teams of heroes, especially Young Justice, that the group deemed to young and inexperienced to fight crime safely. However, the children proved that they were more than capable of defending themselves and others so Old Justice let them go.

    Doiby next showed up at Young Justice's door by accident since they were using Old Justice's former headquarters. He convinced the team to give him a lift back to Myrg. Little did Young Justice know that Myrg had been conquered by Prince Marieb of the Gren. The prince had Doiby kicked off the planet and stole his wife (who married him so he wouldn't kill Doiby). Young Justice was able to defeat the Marieb just in time for a new threat to show up: the Slag.

    The Slag were an alien race obessed with baseball. They would play baseball for the sake of a planet, conquering it if they lost. Since they had taken over the Gren's home planet, they felt they had a right to Myrg as well. The Slag challenged Doiby and Young Justice to a game of baseball for the sake of their planet....and Earth. If the heroes lost, that would tell the Slag they were weak and they would conquer that planet next. The game came down to the final inning with the heroes down by one, Wonder Girl on second, two outs and Doiby Dickles up to bat with two strikes. The last pitch of the game was thrown and Doiby sent the ball out of the park (with a little help from Impulse), winning the game and saving both of his planets.


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