Character » Dogwelder appears in 26 issues.

    A mysterious and disturbing crimefighter who terrifies and maims evildoers by welding dead dogs to them.

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    Dogwelder is a member of Section 8, a "superhero" team led by delusional superhero wannabe Six-Pack, a supporting character in the comic book series "Hitman".

    Dogwelder is a mysterious and likely disturbed individual who never speaks. His face is never revealed; always hiding behind a welding mask. All we know of Dogwelder and his methods are that he seems to live in an alley, he sets traps for stray animals, has a supply of dead dogs (perhaps just puppies) and he fights evil by pouncing upon evildoers and welding a dog to their face.

    Dogwelder perishes in Section 8's final battle; vaporized by acidic demon vomit/spit/unknown-secretion.

    Wizard Magazine declared Dogwelder the best new character of the year in which he made his debut! This was more than likely done in a joking manner, but with Wizard, who can say?


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