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    Dogface is a mutant and a member of Scott Summers' X-Men.

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    Unknown origin, but it has been suspected that he may be related with the Ani-Men. He took part in DD's traveling circus as the dog faced boy until he was attacked by the Skull and his army. He and the other circus members ended up without a job but continued to follow DD even when he became Cap's sidekick. Dogface and the others convinced Scott Summers to add the circus members in the X-Men and faced the Skull.

    Three years later they joined other heroes to help Captain Marvel in his quest to collect powerful items on Earth. During this time, Dogface went to the HEL laboratories and the Watchers citadel on the moon. When arriving at Wakanda his group aided Black Panther and Storm in helping Ani-men against Wendigos.

    Dogface then helped the Wakandans relocate to the Savage Land, and helped rally the Ani-Men to help the Wakandan's, the X-Men, and the Hulk in fighting back the Wendigos. Eventually, they defeated all the Wendigos, learning that it had been Jamie Madrox who was the Wendigo.

    The X-Men constructed a new home for the Wakandan's in Savage Land. Their reconstruction was interrupted when Belasco attacked them with his Dire Wraths, however they were saved by Captain Marvel and his followers. The X-Men were then taken to New York to take part of the gathering force of heroes trying to stop Absorbing Man, who had been revived and absorbed Manhattan.

    Three months later, the X-Men relocated to a hospital for the suffering following Death's death. Dogface was invited at Medusa's wedding with King Britain.


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