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Daku Halkan Singh, a ruthless Dacoit found Suraj as an infant in a garbage dump. As he was an orphan, Halkan Singh raised Suraj, but treated him like a pet dog. During his initial years as a child with Daku Halkan Singh, Suraj witnessed several brutal crimes and murders that affected his impressionable mind and eventually turned him into a sociopath as he grew up. After Halkan Singh abandoned him, Suraj met with Adrak Chacha and his brothers and finally his life took a better turn. Adrak Khan permitted and inspired to Suraj to utilise his gym, named Lion Gym. Suraj started weightlifting in order to develop his muscle mass. He also received martial arts training from Adrak`s brother Haldi Khan. Adrak Chacha`s brothers, Dhania Khan trained him in boxing and Kalimirchi Khan trained him as a marksman.

Eventually his new family encountered a tragedy. Killota, a former gym member, established his own gym and tried to eradicate his rivals permanently.This led Suraj to adopt his new incarnation as Doga in order to exact revenge. He wore a dog mask to hide his real identity. He terminated Killota and his gang and later settled in Mumbai and became a one-man army against organized crime. After a certain period, Doga eliminated Daku Halkan Singh, who had become Minister Halkat Singh by that period.

Unlike other superheroes, Doga has no super powers and only has the ability to communicate with dogs in order to gather information. He solely relies on his combat skills, especially in martial arts and boxing, and his remarkable physical strength and stamina, which is gained through years of hard work in his uncle`s gym. Doga has a bold and valourous personality and takes the aid of various weapons and guns. Moreover, he has a strong willpower and can tolerate any amounts of pain. One of his notable characteristic is his hatred for criminals and crime. Doga has a "show no mercy" attitude towards criminals and is popularly known as one man army. He lurks through the sewers of Mumbai in his hunt for criminals.

Family, Friends and Enemies of Doga

Suraj, the alter ego of Doga, is very close to his adopted family and is grateful to them. Adrak Chacha and his brothers had raised Suraj properly and gave him the affection of a family.

Adrak Chacha

Adrak Khan is a former weight-lifting champion and the owner of Lion Gym. He adopted Suraj and trained to become Doga.

Dhania Chacha

Dhania Khan is the younger brother of Adrak Chacha and a former heavy weight boxing champion. He is the owner of a boxing school named Lion`s Den and taught the techniques of boxing to Doga.

Haldi Chacha

Haldi Khan is another brother of Adrak Khan and an expert in martial arts. He runs a martial arts training club named Lion Occult and trained Doga in different styles of martial arts.

Kalimirchi Chacha:

Kalimirchi Khan is a champion sharp shooter and a specialist in firearm and explosives. He is the owner of the Lion Aim Club, which is a training institute for shooting. Suraj was trained in shooting and enhanced his skills under Kalimirchi Chacha.

During his several missions and adventures, Doga has made many friends and a few of them know about his secret identity, Suraj. Some of his prominent friends are private detective Cheetah, a retired Police Inspector; and Monika Cheetah`s sister. It has also been revealed through the course of the story the Suraj`s real family is headed by Judge Chowdhary. Kiran is his real sister and knows his real identity. Suraj and Monika are portrayed to be emotionally involved.


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