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    Immortal Weapon of one of the Seven Cities of Heaven..hero to all the strays on all the streets of the world..a prankster assassin who rules the under city.

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    Legend of Dog Brother #1

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    The warrior known as Dog Brother #1 is the immortal weapon and ruler of the fabled Under-City, a refuge for the orphans and strays of the world. He protects and saves the lost, but in order to be found by him, one must truly be lost.  He is accompanied on his travels by a pack of stray dogs and orphans, with whom he shares an empathic connection.
    Dog Brother #1 is not one man, but a succession of lone warriors who pass with each age. Dog Brother #1 knows when he has rescued his lost successor and that it is time. His sword is passed on, and he submits himself to be beheaded. Upon his death, his powerful chi passes on to the next Dog Brother #1. 


    Dog Brother # 1 was created by Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction and David Aja in 2007 and first appeared in The Immortal Iron Fist # 8.


    The current Dog Brother #1's originated from the streets of Canton in the 19th century. He was Sihing, a boy orphaned by the First Opium War. For the following years, he survived on the streets with his friend Sidai. He would often try to strengthen Sidai with stories of Dog Brother #1 and how someday the legendary hero would save them. He knew every detail of these stories by heart, often reciting and acting them out for Sidai's amusement.
    A day came when both he and Sidai were cornered by Hongmen, members of a criminal gang. Survival necessitated that they join and act as pack mules, often smuggling opium from point A to point B. If they failed in any way, Sihing knew it meant their deaths. Unfortunately, Sihing was forced to kill a corrupt cop who wanted more from him than a bribe. The trouble this brought onto the gang was more than Sihing and Sidai's lives were worth. The two boys were taken to a ship. where they were to be beaten and killed. Sidai was the first to die. Sihing broke free of his bonds and fought back with all that he had learned from the stories of Dog Brother #1. He fought for revenge. He fought for his life. But he could not win. Just as he was about to be shot, men all around him were cut down by blades he could not even see. Dog Brother #1 had finally come, and he made every one of them men pay for Sidai's death. He apologized to Sihing for not being able to come sooner and explained how there was so many out there to save. Sihing blacked out in Dog Brother #1's arms.
     The Prankster Assassin
     The Prankster Assassin
    When Sihing awoke, he was still on the ship, but it was now out at sea. He watched as Dog Brother #1 removed his armor, revealing a body of scars. Sidai had learned much from the stories and would learn more now by living the legends. Sihing knew how the succession happened and reluctantly beheaded the man, becoming the next Dog Brother #1.

    The Tournament

    Much later, in the 21st century, Dog Brother #1 came forward to take part in the tournament of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven. This tournament came every 88 years, when the seven cities converged at one point, and it would decide the cosmic order in which the cities intersected with Earth.
     Dog Brother #1 Ready
     Dog Brother #1 Ready
    In the first round of the tournament, Dog Brother #1 was pitted against the Bride of Nine Spiders. He took the fight to her in a tactic that was meant to nullify the long-range advantage of her fighting style, and the fight took them outside of the arena and to battlegrounds beyond the Heart of Heaven, where no spectators could observe. It was the howling of his pack that alerted them to his defeat by the Bride. The rules of the tournament permitted that he would have another chance later during a free-for-all match. But this would not come about as other events derailed the tournament from continuing.
    Dog Brother #1 banded with Iron Fist and the other Immortal Weapons to repel an attack on K'un L'un and by extension all of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven. Together, they came to Earth and fought the assembled forces of HYDRA who were about to send a bomb-ridden train through the portal to K'un L'un. They came out the victors and discovered the attack was orchestrated by a man who claimed that there was an eighth city. Dog Brother #1 and most of the other Immortal Weapons chose to remain on Earth and investigate the existance of this city.

    Escape From the Eighth City

     Not a Cur
     Not a Cur
    Eventually, the entrance to the Eighth City was discovered, and the Immortal Weapons journeyed to it. They used their combined chi to unlock the gate and descended through the portal, finding more than they were prepared for. The Eighth City was like hell, and they quickly became the prisoners of demons. Like the other Immortal Weapons, Dog Brother #1 was subjected to torture and forced to fight an endless series of matches in the Eighth City's arena.
    An escape plan eventually started formulated. It started with Iron Fist finding a way to leave the other Immortal Weapons morse code messages in the arena. They used whatever was available to leave the code, which for Dog Brother #1 were the entrails of his slain opponents. They put their plan into action, freeing themselves and heading for the gate with the other innocents who had been exiled to the city. They did not realize until it was too late that this was what their captors wanted. As soon as the Immortal Weapons opened the gate, they would all be able to leave. The leader of this hellish army was revealed to be the original Iron Fist, Quan Yaozu, and he was set to lead his army to raze K'un L'un. They all escaped the Eighth City and reached Earth, where Iron Fist was able to force a peaceful settlement between all parties.


     Blood-Hunger's Blade
     Blood-Hunger's Blade
    Dog Brother #1 is a master tactician, martial artist and swordsman. He shares a mystical, empathic connection with his pack of stray canines.

    Dog Brother #1's Moves List

    Aroma of the Golden Knuckle 
    Bite of the Rabid Fang 
    Blood-Hunger's Blade
    Choking Wind 
    Cobra's Last Bite
    Cut of Lex Talionis
    Double Lotus Strike
    The Exquisite Twin Cut of Buddha's Breath 
    The Judgment of Solomon
    Razor Dervish Attack
    The Unforgiving Blade
    Volcano of Blood
    White Crane Swift Kick

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