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DWM talks exclusively to acclaimed writer NEIL GAIMAN, who reveals secrets about his script for one of the most eagerly-anticipated Doctor Who adventures ever – THE DOCTOR’S WIFE! But who on earth is she...?

“If this episode works like it’s meant to work,” Neil tells DWM, “you will go from curiosity, thinking ‘who is this person?’ – to amusement – ‘She’s very funny, she’s mad, oh my God, she’s biting him, she’s a bit weird! – to irritation – ‘Why is she so high and mighty?’ – to heartbreak, genuine, absolute real heartbreak. And to joy.”


PIRATES AND OOD AND LIVING FLESH! Take a sneak-peak at Episodes 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the new series asDWM previews THE CURSE OF THE BLACK SPOT, THE DOCTOR’S WIFE, THE REBEL FLESH and THE ALMOST PEOPLE – featuring never-before-seen photos and exclusive interviews with writers STEVE THOMPSON, NEIL GAIMAN and MATTHEW GRAHAM.

AHOY THERE, CAPTAIN! Ha-harr, me hearties! DWMinterviews HUGH BONNEVILLE, star of THE CURSE OF THE BLACK SPOT, about his role as beardy pirate captain Henry Avery...

MR GRUMPY FACE! Doctor Who’s head writer and showrunner STEVEN MOFFAT relates tales of special screenings, slurred speeches and stopping spoilers in his latest PRODUCTION NOTES...

ASTRAL AMERICA! DWM flies off to the USA and goes on the road with the cast and crew of THE IMPOSSIBLE ASTRONAUT in a behind-the-scenes report, featuring exclusive chats with stars MATT SMITH, KAREN GILLAN, ARTHUR DARVILL and ALEX KINGSTON, and director TOBY HAYNES...

CYBERMEN, YETIS AND ICE WARRIORS! It’s back to the 60s as COUNTDOWN TO 50 takes a nostalgic look back at Series Six, the Second Doctor season that saw the show get darker and scarier than ever before...

WELCOME TO THE PLEASURE DOME! Amy’s trapped in a psychedelic nightmare, while the Doctor lies helpless, a victim of the sinister Dark! The latest comic strip adventure, FOREVER DREAMING by Jonathan Morris with art by Adrian Salmon, reaches it startling conclusion...

WAR! WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? THE TIME TEAM go back to Number 10 Downing Street to watch the Ninth Doctor and Rose battle the Slitheen. Just what will they make of WORLD WAR THREE?

JE T’AIME! There’s Kissing, Courtiers and Clockwork People as the Tenth Doctor has a dangerous liaison with Madame de Pompadour – THE FACT OF FICTION reveals everything you’ll ever need to know about 2006’s THE GIRL IN THE FIREPLACE...

TIME MEDDLERS? Should Doctor Who feature purely historical stories? Or should the adventures always feature sci-fi elements? There’s only one way to find out… by reading the opinions of TOBY HADOKE and JOHNNY CANDON as they engage in the latest BATTLE OF WITS...

PLUS! All the latest official news, previews, reviews, competitions, more madness from the Watcher, another prize-winning crossword, and much, much more!

AND! A FREE giant-size, double-sided poster!

The final installment of Forever Dreaming



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