Doctor Who Magazine #250

    Doctor Who Magazine » Doctor Who Magazine #250 - Elisabeth Sladen released by Panini Comics on April 9, 1997.

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    250 (and then some): DWM, Doctor Who's official flagship, has now notched up 250 regular issues – not to mention umpteen Specials, Yearbooks, Poster Magazines... Stephen Cartwright yanks 17 years' worth of back numbers from beneath his bed – and presents the secret history of the comic magazine that became an institution in itself...

    Comic Strip – A Life of Matter and Death: The is a story of two worlds...

    Doctor Who's 20 Best Ever Scenes – 10 More Moments: “You fools! You've forgotten this!”

    Mrs Miller, were you really Sarah Jane?”: Mrs Brian Miller has a big secret; many years ago, she travelled through time and space under the alias of companion Sarah Jane Smith. Chris Howarth and Steve Lyons recently doorstepped actress Elisabeth Sladen, aka Metropolitan magazine's permanently AWOL star reporter.

    Shelf Life: The Well-Mannered War by Gareth Roberts and The Dying Days by Lance Parkin.

    The DWM Archive – Genesis of the Daleks: In writing the allegorical 1975 six-parter Genesis of the Daleks, Terry Nation reinvented the history of his own creations – the Daleks – and, in Davros, brought to life one of the Doctor's most chilling adversaries. Turning his attention to this much-loved tale, Andrew Pixley continues his story-by-story account of Doctor Who's production.

    Out of the TARDIS – Barry Letts: Producer, executive producer, scriptwriter, Missing Adventures author... in Doctor Who terms, Barry Letts thought he had done it all – but that was before he faced twenty random and reckless questions from the TARDIS tin...

    The Life and Times of Jackie Jenkins: Monday 3 March, Wednesday 5 March, Saturday 8 March.

    Vox Pops: The BBC Audience Research Department regularly monitored audience response to Doctor Who with the assistance of an ever-changing panel of license-payers. Stephen James Walker dips into their files - and discovers what viewers really thought of the Pertwee years...

    Regulars: Gallifrey Guardian, Timelines, Next Issue.



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