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The Complete Eighth Doctor Comic Strips, Volume Three

"The Doctor and Izzy encounter Destrii, a strange alien girl on the run from a mysterious force. The meeting triggers a devasting series of events which threaten to destroy the duo’s friendship – and bring about the release of a cosmic force with the power to crush every star in the universe!

Fey Truscott-Sade returns – with Shayde in tow – as our heroes battle a sentient starship, body stealers, fire-breathing rock monsters, Nazi troopers, living skeletons, a psychotic alien artist … and a very different breed of Daleks!"


  1. Ophidius, from Doctor Who Magazine #300-303
  2. Beautiful Freak, from Doctor Who Magazine #304
  3. The Way of All Flesh, from Doctor Who Magazine #306, 308-310
  4. Children of the Revolution, from Doctor Who Magazine #312-317
  5. Me and My Shadow, from Doctor Who Magazine #
  6. Uroboros, from Doctor Who Magazine #319-322
  7. Oblivion, from Doctor Who Magazine #323-328
  8. Character Assassin, from Doctor Who Magazine #311

The collection skips Doctor Who Magazine #305's strip, The Last Word, as that featured the seventh Doctor, Ace and Benny in a strip commemorating the tenth anniversary of Virgin Books' New Adventures series, which had continued the Doctor's adventures after the TV show ended in 1989 and where Benny had debuted prior to appearing in the comics. It also skips #307's strip, Flower Power, which is a reprint of a TV Comic strip, perhaps due to deadline issues. Me and My Shadow does not feature the Doctor, instead featuring Fey in preparation for her rejoining the Doctor in Uroboros. Character Assassin is presented out of publication order as it does not feature the Doctor, but instead was a Master story in an issue themed around the Doctor's nemesis. The final episode of Oblivion confirms that both Fey and Izzy are gay, something previously only hinted; this also makes Izzy the first confirmed LGBT companion in the comics (but not the overall fictional Doctor Who mileau, where seventh Doctor companion Chris Cwej predates her).



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