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The Fifth Doctor

"The complete run of Fifth Doctor comic strips from the pages of Doctor Who Monthly!

The travelling Time Lord has regenerated – and he’s back in this third collection of classic comic-strips!

In these mind-bending adventures through time, space and alternative realities, the Doctor finds himself up against old enemies – the Ice Warriors and the Meddling Monk – plus an incredible array of new foes – including the demonic Melanicus, the money-grabbing Josiah W Dogbolter, trigger-happy Time Lord Tubal Cain, and a ghostly presence aboard his own TARDIS!

Joined by the mysterious Matrix agent Shayde, UFO-spotter Max Edison and time-warped GI Gus Goodman, the Doctor has to contend with threats to the universe, to his own freedom and even to the lives of his companions ..."


  1. The Tides of Time, from Doctor Who Monthly #61-67
  2. Stars Fell on Stockbridge, from Doctor Who Monthly #68-69
  3. The Stockbridge Horror, from Doctor Who Monthly #70-75
  4. Lunar Lagoon, from Doctor Who Monthly #76-77
  5. 4-Dimensional Vistas, from Doctor Who Monthly #78-83
  6. The Moderator, from Doctor Who Monthly #84, Doctor Who Magazine #86-87
  7. Timeslip, from Doctor Who Weekly #17-18

Timeslip is a fourth Doctor adventure, and was the tale that introduced K-9 into the main strip, but was skipped in Volume 1, The Iron Legion. The village of Stockbridge will be returned to in eighth and tenth Doctor comic strips, and also in a number of Doctor Who official audio plays from Big Finish. This volume introduces two new comic strip companions, the knight Sir Justin and US airman Gus Goodman, both of whom die while with the Doctor. It also introduces two new allies for the Doctor, who fare somewhat better; both Gallifreyan agent Shayde and UFO spotter Maxwell Edison return in several future comic strips and in Big Finish audio plays. 4-Dimensional Vistas also marks the comic strip debut of the Doctor's old enemy the Monk, last seen on TV in the 1960s. The ongoing strip skipped issue 85, hence the gap in the listing above.



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