Doctor Who Graphic Novel #1

    Doctor Who Graphic Novel » Doctor Who Graphic Novel #1 - The Iron Legion released by Panini Comics on April 2004.

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    The Fourth Doctor Volume 1

    "Enter a dimension where the robot centurians of the mighty Roman Empire travel from planet to planet, crushing all in their path – driven by cruel gods of greed, destruction and despair...

    Explore a world where feelings are a crime, where love is punishable by death, and where the Nervous, the Brave and the Half Daft must unite with their ‘Great Emoter’ in a desperate fight for freedom…

    Visit an ordinary street in an ordinary town, but one where aliens lurk in the coal shed and the cabbage patch, where good and evil travel in disguise, and where your best hope of escape is the 5A bus...

    Travel to a future where the colonists of New Earth are under attack by the vicious Wereloks – but the ferocity of these beasts is as nothing beside the calculated cruelty of their masters...

    Discover a realm where a crazed criminal can reshape creation to her will, where the laws of time and space mean nothing, and where a simple request for a cup of tea could lead to the end of everything...

    Join the Doctor, that immortal traveller in time and space, on five of his wildest and wittiest comic strip adventures. The Time Lord’s courage and ingenuity is all that stands against evil and oppression – even though he’d happily swap it all for a bag of jelly babies and a week in Benidorm!"


    1. The Iron Legion, from Doctor Who Weekly #1-8
    2. City of the Damned, from Doctor Who Weekly #9-16
    3. The Star Beast, from Doctor Who Weekly #19-26
    4. The Dogs of Doom, from Doctor Who Weekly #27-34
    5. The Time Witch, from Doctor Who Weekly #35-38

    Timeslip, which was originally published in Doctor Who Weekly #17-18, and so should have gone between the third and fourth stories here, was left out, and subsequently reprinted in third volume of this graphic novel series, The Tides of Time. As of Timeslip, and hence as of The Star Beast in this collection, the Doctor's television companion K-9 began appearing in the comic strip; the Doctor's other TV companion, Romana, is merely noted as being absent, suggesting these stories are set between TV episodes while Romana was taking a sabbatical from travelling with the Doctor. The Star Beast also introduced Sharon Davies, who became the first comic strip companion created by Doctor Who Magazine writers, and the first black companion in the series' history. A teenager, Sharon was aged to adulthood at the end of The Time Witch. The Star Beast himself, the villainous Beep the Meep, would return to menace the Doctor in no less than four later comic strips, plus an audio play. Sharon's school friend, "Fudge" Higgins, would also return in one of these stories, Star Beast II, in Doctor Who Yearbook 1996.



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