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Reverse the Polarity of the Allons-y!

When we last left the Doctor and friends, they were in Cassablanca, which apparently is not a movie in this universe but something that actually happened, and Rory was at the mercy of Silurians disguised as police officers. Before they can kill Rory... agian, the Doctor knocks them out by reversing the polarity of the neutron flow.

One squeeing fangasm later

Rory blames himself for the death of his cell mate but the Doctor assures him that it is not his fault. Evidently, the Silurians plan to re-conquer the planet and their master plan has something to do with fog that smells like fish. The Doctor goes off to investigate and tells Amy and Rory not to wander off, because that always works. Searching for the Police Captain in order to inform him of the Silurians, The Doctor runs into Elsa on her way to see Rick, awesome. Back with the companions, the Silurians have escaped and Amy and Rory inadvertantly lock themselves in a cell. The Doctor finds the Captain and the two hit it off right away, especially when the captain uses the phrase Allons-y

Yet another squeeing fangasm later

But it turns out the Captain is also a disguised Silurian, and he plans to take over the planet and make Amy his Queen

What Works:

A lot of Doctor Who fan nods, funny dialogue and it's still a crossover between Doctor Who and Cassablanca.

What Doesn't:

The Silurians plan is very vague but hopefully it will be explained later.



I don't really have any closing thoughts so... One Day I shall come back, When I say run, RUN, Reverse the polarity of the Neutron Flow, Would you like a Jelly Baby?, I just wanted to say you were Fantastic, and finally... Allons-y and Geronimo!

I'm a nerd

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