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Led by Dr Teeth, the band serves as the Muppet's house band.

Comprising 5 core members, the size and grown and shrunk, as there have been other members added as needed to include other instruments or for specific numbers.

While their main niche is rock music, they have been known to perform other genres, such as jazz and classical music (though they try to avoid it whenever possible).

Their main method of transportation is a converted bus painted in strong, psychedelic colours. The bus is generally driven by Dr Teeth.

The core group is comprised of:

Dr Teeth on keyboards, pianos, and vocals,

Zoot on saxophone, clarinet, flute, and tuba.

Janice on lead guitar, tambourine, trombone, trumpet, and vocals.

Floyd Pepper on bass guitar, banjo, and vocals

Animal on drums.

Despite Dr Teeth being the lead vocals, Floyd and Janice have also had a number of songs they each sang lead for.

Additional member generally come from the Muppet Orchestra or the main crew of the Muppet cast. They are:

Rowlf on piano

Beaker on vocals

Clifford on percussion

Scooter on percussion

Rizzo on cymbals

Lips on trumpet

Jim on banjo

Trumpet Girl on trumpet

Zeke on banjo

Ninja Rogers on drums

Scooter, Rizzo and Pepe the King Prawn have all taken turns as the managers for the band.


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