Which HOGWARTS house should Dr STRANGE be in?

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Posted by bringmethanos (200 posts) 10 months, 27 days ago

Poll: Which HOGWARTS house should Dr STRANGE be in? (24 votes)

Gryffindor 21%
Ravenclaw 67%
Slytherin 0%
Hufflepuff 13%
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#1 Posted by deactivated-5c522ab96172e (2388 posts) - - Show Bio

MCU Strange? If that's the case, then maybe Ravenclaw.

He does have the qualities of the other houses though, like, it takes a lot of balls and courage for doing what he did against Dormammu.

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Ravenclaw because of how brilliant he is

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Wanna say ravenclaw

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Studying magic and gaining mystical knowledge is the gist of his role in the MU, isn't it? I'd say Ravenclaw.

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Ravenclaw but I voted hufflepuff whoops

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Ravenclaw. Probably have a thing going with Rowena's ghost.....

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