Where i can start Doctor Strange

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Hi all,

i want to start buy comics of doctor strange, but i never read about it.

Where i can start ? But i don't want read comics very old >.<

I know that exists "Marvel fresh start", i can begin with it ?

Thanks for answer :) i seem that i don't have make a mistake the forum section

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look at here: https://comicvine.gamespot.com/doctor-strange/4005-1456/guide

Then look at here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doctor_Strange_(comic_book)

I guess you could start with Doctor Strange vol.4. It is part of the Marvel reboot "All-New All-Different" after the Secret Wars event.

  • Doctor Strange Omnibus vol.1 - #1-10
  • Doctor Strange Omnibus vol.2 - #11-20
  • Doctor Strange by Donny Cates: God of Magic - #381-385
  • Doctor Strange: Damnation: The Complete Collection - #386-389

I don't know what it's worth but at least its a recent starting point.

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Is it not appreciable to start with doctor strange vol.4 ?

Thanks for the help you are giving me :)

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