Possible Dr Strange involvement in Thor: The Dark World

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Not sure if anybody's heard, but apparently the guy who leaked that Sebastian Stan was returning for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Anthony Mackie to play Falcon, has also reported that Dr Strange would have a large role in Thor: The Dark World as somebody that is assisting Jane Foster. While this is still truly unconfirmed, it was also mentioned that Joel Edgerton was someone that Marvel had been eyeing to take the role of Strange, but reportedly turned it down - though, apparently Marvel has also been eyeing Viggo Mortensen to also either take the role of Strange, or as simply stated - he is being eyed for the sole purpose of being involved in Marvel's Phase Two. All this seems surprising, but so far the man that has been leaking this information has been correct about Sebastian Stan's and Anthony Mackie's talks with Marvel, so I have no doubt in this information so far, but for some reason I'm not surprised that Marvel is looking at an actor like Viggo Mortensen - he's a terrific actor and Marvel is known to be picking out very famous actors to play their lesser-known characters. If Viggo really is involved with Phase Two in any way, I'll be happy.

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I hope this is true, maybe they're testing the waters for the Dr. Strange movie that they keep promising us. And Viggo is a great choice, wouldn't be my first but way better than Patrick Dempsey.

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