How powerful is the current doctor strange?

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would you say he's

1. a joke

2.kind of powerful

3. reasonably powerful


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Very powerful. allow him to prepare for a situation and he can probably make any spell conceivable. He could whip up trouble on the fly no problem. Summoning, Lightning, Infernos, force blasts. There is a limit compared to classic strange but strange's powers are still so varied to how he can approach enemies.

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a joke

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Strange is the word for his power I'd use. Unable to do things he used to do without a thought. Then randomly powerful for a bit. He's not exactly a joke compared to marvel where it's at, but when compared to where he used to be at you can see why people call him a shadow of his former self. He was more consistent in all the first 30 years than in his last 5.

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