How is classic dr strange stronger than current?

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When people on the site say classic strange do they mean how he was when he first debuted? Cos during that time he wasnt sorcerer supreme. And then he became sorcerer supreme but then lost the title. So he became just like how he was when he first appeared. Then why do people say classic strange > current strange? Also does the sorcerer supreme title make him stronger? Sorry. Im a huge fan of his but i wanted to read all of his comics starting with strange tales 110 where he first appeared. Im currently reading dr stranger master of the mystic arts 12. Hes already met shuma gorath and killed the ancient one by then. Thanks guys!

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Well right now current is classic (both are S.Supreme) just that classic has more feats.

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There was like almost a decade of time where Doctor Voodoo was the Sorcerer Supreme and Strange was really de-powered. I don't know exactly when but it was a little while after House of M so it was like 2005 to the end of Bendis's New Avengers run which was 2012.

Strange recently sold his soul for power and has immersed himself in the dark/forbidden arts, as well as tricking a very powerful demon into possessing him so that he could trap it inside of himself and use it to boost his powers. So right now current Strange is the most powerful we have ever seen him.

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