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Last year's Doctor Strange took the Marvel Cinematic Universe to a new place. Despite the existence of Thor and the elements of Asgard, it wasn't fully clear where magic or mysticism fit in with the movies. Just as Guardians of the Galaxy took us away from the world of the Avengers, Doctor Strange did the same.

If you're a fan of the Marvel Studios films, you've probably already seen this movie. I won't go into a full review of the film, but if you're interested in reading one, you can check it out here.

The movie did successfully introduce us to new characters and concepts. You're probably aware that Doctor Strange will be meeting up with other Marvel characters in the very near future. It'll be interesting to see how the different worlds within the Cinematic Universe come together.

When it comes to a Blu-ray release, the obvious question is: Should you buy it? If you're like me, you want to keep adding to your collection. As much as I enjoyed the movie, the more important concern is what's included with the special features? A good movie experience is further enhanced by being able to explore what went into making it all happen. Thankfully, this release does have a lot.

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Special Features


  • A Strange Transformation (9:42) Actors, filmmakers, and costume designer discuss bringing magic into the Marvel Universe. There's behind the scenes footage, green screen usage, on location shots in Kathmandu, and the building of huge sets. They discuss the history of the character from the comics, when he was created in the 60s. They focused on the journey of the character. Details such as the car accident scenes requiring eight different Lamborghinis is mentioned. Benedict Cumberbatch was their first choice. They pushed production back six months to let him finish performing Hamlet on stage.
  • Strange Company (12:37) Kevin Feige talks about the award-winning cast. Rachel McAdams read The Oath to prepare. There's mention of updating the cliché of the Ancient One. "Gender is in the eye of the beholder." They didn't want to pin down the Ancient one to any specific religion or gender. Wong was also updated from being simply a servant or sidekick. Other characters such as Mordo, were fleshed out.
  • The Fabric of Reality (12:32) The costume department was task wih developing a new world through clothing. We see how they created the Eye of Agamotto and having several cloaks needed for different scenes. There's a look at making the movie feel different with the locations.
  • Across Time and Space (13:21) We see how they coordinated the fight scenes and styles. They used three or four different kinds of martial arts to try to create something new and different. Dance coordinators were brought in for the movement of the hands and gestures when using magic. Benedict had to train to learn to fight and move. He wanted to do as many of the stunts as they'd let him.
  • The Score-cerer Supreme (9:51) This feature focuses on creating the music for the film. Michael Giacchino was excited to create the score. He was told the movie would be darker than the other Marvel movies. They were surprised how he immediately came up with the theme.

Marvel Studios Phase 3 Exclusive Look (7:28) A brief recap of the Marvel Studios movies. Footage from San Diego Comic-Con, Kevin Feige talking about the Avengers. He discusses how this is the culmination of what they've been doing. They're working on bringing everything together, and they've been planning this for years. They've explored street level characters and the cosmic. Now they brought in the supernatural side. They're getting ready for Thanos. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will push things further. Thor: Ragnarok will bring in new elements and Hela. Black Panther being introduced in Civil War showed he was deserving of his own movie. Infinity War will be a very human story. We'll find out why is Thanos the biggest and baddest villain in the Marvel Universe.

Team Thor 2 (4:38) There's more to the feature than what was released online. Thor talks to a bunch of young kids in a classroom. He's taking a break from being an Avenger and moved in with Darryl in Australia.

Deleted & Extended Scenes (7:52) Five different scenes.

Gag Reel (4:12)

Audio Commentary by Director Scott Derrickson.

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It's always fun watching these movies multiple times. Especially when watching on the big screen, there's the possibility of missing out on certain things. If you've been picking up the other Marvel Studios releases or comic book movies in general, you'll want to add this to your collection. The movie is already available digitally and the Blu-ray is on sale Tuesday, February 28. Let us know what your favorite part of the movie was.

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How was Wong a sidekick? I would argue he was way more of a sidekick in the oath or strange season 1 than in this movie. Maybe in the next movie but here he was just some magician Strange was ridiculing, who never used magic himself in the movie and an even worse protector of magic knowledge than his predecessor. He was closer to comic relief than sidekick.

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Wong was also updated from being simply a servant or sidekick.

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I would argue Wong never was a sidekick, that would be like calling the original Jarvis or Alferd a sidekick. They were butler's or in Wong's case servants, but liked the way they updated the relationship in the movie regardless

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This was a martial art film

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@holyserpent: Exactly. I don't get why more people don't see that, acid trippiness dimension hopping aside, there was very little magic in the whole movie.

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Let's see we have: the sling ring there is a lot to be said about this object, the energy mandela's used as shields or or fan blades, the warping of the structure of mirror dimension, the warping of the hallway of the NY Sanctum (outside the Mirror Dimension), Kaecilius space/reality shards, Dormammu's summoning ritual, the eye of Agamotto's time manipulation, the act of astral projection, and Strange's energy whips. Most of these were involved in a martial arts scene.

From the way I see it, there's a serious problem with that way of thinking. I can understand not wanting the entire movie to be a laser light show but 70% pure physical action, 20% mixed magic/action, and 10% pure magic is not going to fly for me. Even the crimson bands of cyttorak was downgraded to a mere mechanical torture device.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

There could've been element spells, transmutations/transformations, basic telekinesis, basic conjustration, or even Loki style illusions. But no. They were punching and kicking each other, even while fighting in astral form. They could've have a fight on the Astral Plane akin to Xavier vs Apocalypse, but more esoteric. That would've been different from what he traditionally see.

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Nah I won't be buying it. It wasn't a bad film, except for the massive over use of the same special effect which I was already sick of before Cumberbatch even made it to screen, but it wasn't a superb movie either. Winter Soldier is still hands down the best Marvel movie for me

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Ur mum gottee


No, but really, it was a good film, not superb or anything, but I liked it. I won't be buying it though, I'll simply watch it online illegally if I want to see it.

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