Could Dr Strange heal or revive someone

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Heal definitely, he's done it for others and has done it for himself. Revive is more complicated to answer. Theoretically he can but he has used the somewhat cop out answer "it was their time," or something of the like. There really isn't a limit on what magic can do, especially if you have the knowledge of the spell, skill and strength. Dr Strange brought uncle Ben back from heaven temporarily by casting a spell on a birthday card for Peter Parker. He went to revive his brother Victor but accidentally used a vampire spell, turning him into a vampire. Feeling he failed he placed a protective stasis spell on him and put him in cryostasis which kept him from rising up, so here in a sense he did revive someone, just as a vampire. I can't remember but he might have actually done genuine revival before, I know other sorcerers have shown the ability to some degree and they're less able mystics than him.

There might be some conditions. Like him and Spider-Man were once disintegrated and he was able to recreate their bodies. But he did that immediately after, maybe it has to be before death claims them. The only times where he hasn't been able to take care of injuries is if there's something mystic in nature preventing it (like the dark energies that resided in his eye prevented healing for awhile, hence the eye patch). In the past his will kept death from being able to claim him and others (though he didn't personally revive them). Beings like hell lords (who he's matched or defeated) have shown some level of reviving the dead, but that might just be souls they themselves claimed or were lost in their dimension.

And who knows, maybe there would be repercussions from doing it (after all LT almost destroyed earth because Strange tipped the balance of power). He was also able to create life with the magical energy he absorbed from the earth.

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Pretty sure he can heal people

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