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I do alot of battles on the battle boards. Dr Strange is always stated as non-classic Strange. When does the classic Strange era end?

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The 80s.

It ended with him at his most powerful, yet nothing was done with it (Granted the image I posted is from a What If but it demonstrates the potential at that level). In fact, jumping right into the 90s writers had been working on ways to make him weaker. But at least in the 90s they attempted to ground it to more story reasons and he was still quite powerful then. He had sworn off black magic, and lost power. But he did gain power from other sources, like Gaian magic. Exploring those other aspects of magic were actually cool. Then the 00s came and (save for a couple of stories) ruined the good Dr. They didn't even attempt explaining things, decades of Dr Strange doing things then all of a sudden he can't because "magic doesn't work that way."

Although to be fair even classic Strange had variable power levels, to some extent. At the start of his run he was still an apprentice with knowledge and potential untapped, Marvel was also fairly young and getting a grasp on things. He (along with Silver Surfer) was also toned down in the Defenders comics of the 70s to make him work in the confines of a group.

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/ thead.

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