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The Man, The Myth, The Magic! A special editorial on Doctor Stephen Strange, as told by Morgana Blessing.

This issue contains two stories.

Dr. Stephen Strange is angered by the publication in Now Magazine of an article excerpting parts of Morgana Blessing's biography of the Sorcerer Supreme. Discussing the matter with his allies, Wong, Imei, Sara Wolfe, Rintrah, and Topaz, he calms down, but he leaves to meet with Morgana. Sara reads the article.

After a short introduction, the article goes into excerpts detailing major points in Strange's life: the accident that ended his medical career; his first encounters with Nightmare, Dormammu, Clea and Eternity; the death of the Ancient One and his assumption of the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme; Morgana's first meeting and subsequent relationship with Strange; the destruction of Dracula; and the apparent death and funeral of Dr. Strange.

The article is followed by an interview with Morgana Blessing. In it, she emphasizes her believe that the public should know about the man who defended their world for so long.

When Sara finishes, she talks with the others, expressing her regret that they declined to be more involved with Morgan's book. They then ponder the ramifications of the revelation of Strange's secrets, as, outside the Sanctum Sanctorum, a crowd of newly-devoted fans gather.

Also, included is a J. Jonah Jameson editorial disavowing the veracity of the article and the book.

Back-up feature: "The Book of the Vishanti -- The Curse of the Darkhold, Part 1: 'The Montesi Formula' " - Dr. Strange reads from the Book of the Vishanti about the recent history of the Darkhold: the book coming into the hands of Jack Russell (the Werewolf), then Father Damon Joquez, Dracula, Morgan Le Fey, Modred and Chthon; the discovery of the Monresi formula, and its use to eradicate all vampires; and the defeat of would-be Sorcerer Supreme, the alien Urthona.


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