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A powerful incantation requires powerful materials…and only Doctor Strange can acquire them! The first -- fur of a werewolf, from none other than Jack Russell, the WEREWOLF BY NIGHT!

In Colorado, three ranchers investigating cattle mutilations discover the Werewolf crouching over a cow carcass, and begin firing silver bullets at him. Despite getting shot in the shoulder, the Werewolf gets away.

In his Sanctum Sanctorum, Dr. Strange and Rintrah discuss Clea's current exile from the Dark Dimension. They are interrupted by the arrival of Topaz, who informs them she has been possessed by an alien spirit named Ullikummis. Her research has led to a spell that would exorcise the spirit, a spell requiring a demon's flame, a vampire's talon and a werewolf's fur. Having found reports of werewolf sightings in Colorado, Topaz asks Dr. Strange for help, suggesting they start there.

After casting a sleep spell on Clea, the Sorcerer Supreme opens a mystic portal to the Colorado Rockies, and he, Rintrah and Topaz pass through. Before long, they spot the Werewolf loping near some cattle. Feeling kinship with the bovines, Rintrah attacks the Werewolf, and they tumble over a short cliff. Dr. Strange ends the struggle, and the Werewolf reveals himself as Jack Russell, unrecognized by his former companion Topaz, due to his more lupine form.

The foursome compare notes and Jack tells the others he is puzzled that ranchers would have had the foresight to arm themselves with silver bullets. Just then, they are surrounded, and knocked unconscious by, a large group of ranchers. The men collapse, revealing that their bodies have been inhabited by the extra-dimensional beings known as the Possessors.

Back-up story: "The Book of the Vishanti - "Legacy of the Wolf, Part I" - Dr. Strange reads the tale of how werewolves came to be, as told by an elder wolf to several cubs. Genetic manipulation of early humans and wolves performed first by the Celestials, then by the Caretakers, resulted in a race of wolf-men who lived harmoniously with their dual nature. His tale done, the elder wolf reveals himself as Greysire, the first werewolf.


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