Doctor Strange #67

    Doctor Strange » Doctor Strange #67 - Private Eyes released by Marvel on October 1984.

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    Dracula rises once more! While visiting Hannibal King in Boston, Strange learns that the ancient vampire and his Black Cult may be afoot and active.

    Dr. Strange received a letter from Hannibal King and then teleport himself to Boston to talk to him. There he discovers that the Black Cult of Dracula is back even with their master dead. Meanwhile in another dimension a young man reaches the Mindless Zone, escapes from the Mindless Ones and enters a protected place where Clea awaits for him. The young man is Rahl.

    Hannibal tells Strange that after they had defeat Dracula, policemen found bodies in a church in Boston with drained minds and only two survivors, also with drained mind and almost dead. Hannibal, Frank Drake and Blade investigated the church but found nothing. Then a series of ceremonial items has been stolen from museums and animals had been attacked. That is why Hannibal thinks they are back. Dr. Strange goes to the hospital and tries to read the survivors mind but there is nothing inside. Suddenly a guy uses a gas grenade at the room and take the bodies away.

    In another place an enchant of transference is about to start, using the bodies of the two survivors as sacrifice. Dr. Strange had followed them and appears just in time to stop the ceremony. They defeat them but couldn't stop the ceremony call and a monster from another dimension enters throw a portal, but suddenly dies, because Dr. Strange had made a spell that nothing could enter our dimension anymore since they defeated Dracula.


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