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    Kinji Obatu was chosen by the Grandmaster to become Earth-616's Doctor Spectrum and a member of the Squadron Sinister.

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    Kinji Obatu was a politician in Uganda. He received a Power Prism from the Grandmaster (although it later turned out to be a Skrull masquerading as the Power Prism) and fought the Avengers as a member of the Squadron Sinister.


    Doctor Spectrum was created by Roy Thomas and Sal Buscema and first appeared in The Avengers #69.

    Major Story Arcs


    After a defeat from Iron Man and Thor, Obatu was deported back to Uganda where he stood trial for crimes he had committed. Sentenced to death, he fled from the firing squad and allied with a witch-doctor. He and the witch-doctor wound up fighting the Black Panther, Brother Voodoo and the Thing. During the battle he fell over a balcony to his death.

    Billy Roberts became Obatu's successor to the Power Prism and Squadron Sinister.

    Alternate versions

    Earth-9997 (Earth X)

    Kenji Obatu has a small appearance in Universe X where he can be seen in the realm of the dead.

    Earth-31916 (Supreme Power)

    John M'Butu is a Ugandan dictator and super-villain known as Voice.


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