Doctor Spectrum (Nenet)

    Character » Doctor Spectrum (Nenet) appears in 40 issues.

    A young female hero known as Nenet. She originated from a different reality [Earth 4290001] but has since joined a group of super-powered individuals known as the Squadron Supreme on Earth 616.

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    Doctor Spectrum, known as Nenet, originated from the reality known as "Earth-4290001", where she was part of a heroic team that defended that reality's world. How she obtained her energy based powers or how long she fought a s a costumed hero has not been revealed. Spectrum and five other outcast heroes came together to form the Great Society.


    Doctor Spectrum (Nenet) was created by Jonathan Hickman and Rags Morales and first appeared in the pages of New Avengers Vol.3 issue 16 (2014).

    Major Story Arcs


    Her story occurs four years after the invasion from both the Skulls and the Kree forces. Spectrum's Earth's premiere forces the Archetypes of J.U.S.T.I.C.E fell to the invaders superior arms. Spectrum and the others were able to repel the aliens and reclaim the Earth, and uniting under the name of The Great Society.

    Death of Reality

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    As a member of the Great Society, Spectrum faced another immediate world altering crisis this time at the hands of the Illuminati. The Great Society were unable to stop this Incursion the same way they had done before. also the Illuminati who carried the means to destroy it all with an anti-matter bomb to destroy the other Earth, tried to convince them to work together in finding a way out of the situation before passing crossing into the worst possible scenario. Unable to contain himself, Namor the Sub-Mariner attacked Rider, the survival of their own Earth prompted a bitter battle between the two groups of heroes.

    Into Reality 616

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    Doctor Sepctrum was sent to the Illuminati's Earth (the main Marvel Universe, or Earth 616) to recover their anti-matter injector, whose existence had been acknowledged by the Norn. The Inhuman known as Black Bolt followed Spectrum towards Earth 616 and the two confronted each other in battle. Black Bolt's immense sonic force incapacitated her before she could obtain the anti-matter injector.

    As Doctor Spectrum was left on Earth 616, she was the only known survivor of her home universe following it's destruction at the hands of the Illuminati. However, not much later, all of reality was seemingly destroyed during the events of Secret Wars.

    Squadron Supreme

    After the events of Secret Wars, Doctor Spectrum has joined a band of heroes known and formed the Squadron Supreme. Their first order of business was getting reveange on Namor, whom she blamed for the destruction of her home reality.

    Powers & Abilities

    As a wielder of Power Prism , Spectrum possesses several abilities.

    • Unique Physiology - Spectrum's endurance is increased to superhuman levels. She has no need for food, sleep, or oxyge. Her body is almost invulnerable to all types of damage such as Black Bolt's sonic scream. She can also reform her consciousness and body after complete disintegration.
    • Energy Manipulation - Power Prism allows her to manipulate an unknown type of blue energy. She can create force fields , tools , platforms and project powerful energy beams. Generated constructions are capable of withstanding full-power solar burst from Sun God and restraining Rogue with Wonder Man's power.
    • Flight - Spectrum has the ability to levitate herself and fly at relativistic speeds.


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