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    Character » Doctor Solar appears in 128 issues.

    Gold Key and Dark Horse's version of Dr. Solar. In the original Gold Key comics, his full name is given as Phillip Solar. He is a brilliant, highly trained nuclear physicist. His area of specialization is matter-to-energy conversion.

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    Dr. Raymond Solar is out on a field in Atom Valley when an atomic bomb detonates prematurely. Although his body is converted to pure energy and hurled into space, Solar's consciousness has somehow survived; through sheer will he converts himself back to solid matter and drifts to earth as a misty green liquid. Reforming himself, he discovers that he has no heartbeat but is "a walking atomic power plant," By boosting his energy--eating cobalt pills, drinking down test tubes full of a radioactive isotope or exposing himself to lightning, for example--he turns green and can become a beam of light to enter places unseen, transform himself into electricity, fly through the air at supersonic speed, trace radio waves, fire lightning bolts from his eyes, live underwater by surrounding himself with an electrical field and melt objects with atomic heat. Perhaps his most remarkable ability is being able to stimulate molecules in the air, thus amplifying sounds made years earlier. Although he cannot be harmed by gunfire, drugs or physical assault, Dr. Solar can destroy himself if he ever uses too much energy. Solar must also wear protective goggles even when he is out of costume, lest his lightning vision cause him harm. Unhappily, Solar is so dangerously radioactive that, even wearing his cadmium-lined clothing, he can be in contact with other people for only a few minutes. The rest of the time he lives in an isolation chamber at a lab in Atom Valley.


    For Valiant version of character please see Dr. Solar.


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