Doctor Rachel Harrision

    Character » Doctor Rachel Harrision appears in 8 issues.

    She's a new character in the Top Cow universe, and holds one of the 13 Artifacts, The Heart Stone. We first learn about her in Artifacts Issue number 14.

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    Presumably the new wielder of the Heart Stone. Dr. Harrison is first seen jogging with her dog, when the dog sniffed out a corpse. The body was disposed of by Jackie Esticado, also known as the Darkness.

    New Universe

    Doctor Rachel Harrison is jogging with her dog, Molly, though a park in New York City when Molly runs off of the path and finds the dead body of a Bulgarian gangster, recently killed by Jackie Estacado, and calls the police. Detectives Danielle Baptiste and Patrick Gleason arrive and Gleason lightly questions her. Rachel says that without her dog she would have never found the body and that she jogs in the area most mornings before her hospital shift starts. Rachel sees Dani looking at her necklace, the Artifact known as the Heart Stone, and Dani asks where she got it, claiming to have seen it before but Rachel answers that it is impossible since it is a family heirloom and they just met and Dani writes it off as strange déjà vu. After wondering if she can go, Patrick tells her to wait because a specialist from the FBI is on the way and Rachel stresses that she is late for her shift at the hospital. The specialist, Tom Judge, arrives and after Rachel’s surprise that there is a priest at the FBI, which she is quickly corrected by Tom that he is an ex-priest, she is dismissed as Tom doesn’t need to talk to her.

    A week later, she is working in the emergency room in the hospital, giving a young patient stitches when Tom visits her. He asks about the Heart Stone and she tells him that it is a family heirloom that belonged to her grandmother but deflects the question when he asks about anything weird surrounding it. After explaining that he investigates the “weird [stuff]” Rachel admits that there she has just accepted some things about it, like seeing people’s auras allowing her to know what kind of person they are and how healthy they are. Tom starts to explain about the 13 Artifacts and the Heart Stone but is interrupted by John Becker, Rachel’s soon-to-be ex-husband and she quickly dismisses John but before she can talk to Tom again, is pulled away by a nurse to treat a stabbing victim. When she sees the man, she is shocked by his aura, pure black, instead of the usual white to gray. The man flat lines but Rachel quickly uses the defibrillator to bring him back and he thanks her before sending him off for surgery.

    When Rachel gets home, she feeds her cat, Smitty, while telling him about her day. After telling him that the man with the black aura felt evil, she wonders what else the Heart Stone can do and sees several ghosts, a few look normal while some of the others have a more decayed state. One of the ghosts asks why Rachel is in her home before turning into a monster and trying to attack. Rachel takes of the Heart Stone and the ghost leaves but she has a vision about the stabbing victim, whom everyone thinks is a good guy because he is old. In the vision, the man brings a teenager into his home before killing him and stabbing himself. The next day, as Rachel walks into the man’s room, a nurse congratulates her for saving the man but is dismissive of the nurse. She puts on the Heart Stone and wonders if she did the right thing by saving the man. The man, who was sleeping, wakes up and asks if Rachel is scared of him and sees that Rachel knows what he is, a serial killer; the man brags about how even if Rachel tells people, that there is no evidence and that he will do it again and Rachel angrily shouts that she should have never saved him before leaving. A few hours later, she comes back and when the man asks what she wants, she is silent and kills him in an unspecified way, but one that looks like he died of his wounds.

    A few weeks later, Rachel goes back to her home town of Fletcher’s Harbor, Massachusetts, and interviews for a job at the local hospital. When the hospital administrator, Elaine Richers, asks why she came back, saying that it is odd that Rachel left the big city for the small town, Rachel says that she wants to simplify her life and wanted to get away from her ex-husband and that the man she killed, for which she was not caught, was another influence. The pair get up and walk around the building, with Elaine explaining the history of the hospital. The original building was built in the 1850’s on sacred Indian grounds before being used as a hospital for wounded Confederate prisoners-of-war in the Civil War and for a very short time it was used as a sanitarium before becoming a residential hospital again but that occasionally strange things will happen like objects moving or disappearing, strange sounds, or sometimes even strange lights, leading Rachel to wonder if it is haunted, a claim that Elaine denies but instead calls it creepy. Rachel then accepts the job anyway.

    After the interview, Rachel goes back to her home, an apartment over a bar, and her mother arrives, expressing her disapproval of the apartment and telling Rachel she can simply move in with her. The two have a light argument over Rachel’s living conditions and Smitty before Rachel asks about the Heart Stone. Her mother said that she knows that it is more than a regular piece of jewelry and that she never wanted it because she felt that she could not handle it but could not explain why she felt that way. Rachel says that she has seen scary things and her mother says that Rachel’s grandmother, the previous bearer, did as well but rarely talked about it, only saying that she could see the dead.

    That night Rachel is working the third shift at the hospital, the one where most of the strange things happen, and meets Mike Long, a local cop, and the two have a short, but slightly awkward conversation before Rachel leaves to find the supply closet, lamenting that she left because she thought he was cute. When she gets there, she feels that it took a long time to walk down two flights of stairs but dismisses it, when she gets inside, the door slams shut and when she goes to investigate, her coffee mug falls over and the light goes out, all without any apparent outside force. Rachel looks around and sees the ghost of a Confederate soldier and asks what it wants but it goes away when Mike opens the door, having followed Rachel to make sure she did not get lost. They grab the supplies and go back upstairs talking about how they went to the same local high school but were several years apart. When they get back upstairs, they are met by Tucker Douglas, the night-shift nurse. Tucker explains to Rachel that if a light goes out to just fiddle with it and it will come back on because the wiring is old; he also says that it will be a quiet night because most of the patients are simply overnighters except for Ruth, an elderly lady that has been in the hospital for weeks and that she is simply wasting away and no one knows why but Rachel sees another Confederate ghost sitting next to Ruth but it disappears and she leaves.

    After her shift ends, Rachel talks to her mother about the strange things that happened and what stories are connected with the building. Her mother doesn’t really know any but directs her towards the town historian. They talk about her first shift before Rachel leaves to get some sleep as she has the night shift again that night. That night, as Rachel is doing her rounds, she gets turned around and ends up at Ruth’s room, where she sees several ghosts draining the life force away from Ruth and Rachel stops them. When she asks why, the Confederate soldier from before tells her that Ruth’s ancestors “caused [their] pain” and that they will take Ruth’s life in return. Rachel tells them that no one will die tonight and the ghost reaches into her stomach but his arm is dissolved and sucked into the Heart Stone, which starts glowing; Rachel demands that they leave her hospital and that the Heart Stone does as well. A deep red light emanates from the Heart Stone and dissolves the ghosts, which claim that they will return but Rachel says that she will be waiting. Tucker walks in and asks what is going on, to which Rachel says that she is just checking on Ruth. Tucker is amazed that Ruth’s vitals are so much better for the first time since she arrived; he asks Rachel what she did and she replies that she didn’t know but believed that she is getting the hang of it, in reference to her ability to wield the Heart Stone.

    After the shift ended, Rachel is met by Tom Judge and Tilly Grimes again and Tom introduces the women and tells Rachel that Jackie is responsible for the body she found in New York City but they can’t pin it on him so there is no reason for him to go after her and that she is safe. Tom asks about how she is doing with the Heart Stone and that there might be a day when he needs her and it but to just live her life for now before being called away and leaving Rachel to her new life in Fletcher’s Harbor


    Rachel Harrison has a fairly laid back personality and a dry sense of humor. She was very well liked by all of her patients and was also good with children. She has a cat named Smitty that loves and spoils as well. She has an ex-husband who she claims was a mistake but was too young to see it and that she sometimes rushes into situations without thinking. She also has a hot and cold relationship with her mother and while they get along well enough, they don’t see eye to eye on many things.

    While she is normally nice and laid back, she does have a darker side. Once she killed a patient, who was a serial killer, and made it look like it was the result of the stab wounds the man had. It should be noted that this could have been the influence of the Heart Stone that caused this as when she was later lightly questioned about it, she seemed disturbed by it.


    Rachel has no superhuman powers but is very smart having gone to pre-med at the University of Virginia and med school at Penn before completing her residency in Philadelphia. She is also the bearer of the complete Heart Stone. The Artifact allows her to see the aura of a person which allows her to tell what kind of person they are and see if they are sick. It also allows her to see and converse with the dead in the form of ghosts. It also allows her to destroy, or at least temporarily get rid of, them as well; it also grants her protection from the supernatural as well as a ghost tried to kill her by sticking its arm though her stomach but it only caused her slight discomfort.

    It should be noted that in the new universe the Heart Stone is complete, not broken in half like in the old universe and that its powers are fairly unknown and that it may also influence her actions from time to time.


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