That Badguy: Doctor Octopus dedication video review

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Been slacking on my character reviews, but after realizing that Doctor Octopus is swinging back into action, I had to try out my new video on this gibbering madman who never knew how to accept an ass kicking.


Doctor Octopus has always been and always will be my favorite Spiderman baddie, maybe its because he has four arms and as a kid I thought “cool”, or maybe its just the fact that he stood out like a Christmas ornament for me when I first discovered a comic book store. Doctor Octopus has always been the number one baddy that I enjoyed drawing in school and the reason why my teacher kept b***ing about my interests in comics. After studying this guy later, I would find out how much of an interesting baddie that he truly is.

Yeah its understandable that some people reading this may not be too thrilled about Otto here as I am, but that franchise that this four-arm scientist psycho got would probably have me disagree with anybody who dares say that Doctor Octopus isn’t that great of a villain.


Im That Badguy saying one day the world will be MINE, and I hope you enjoy the video review and thank you for watching.

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Really good video. Well put together. Thought Doc Oc was great in Spider-Man 2.
I'll still go with The Green Goblin as Spidey's top villain though. Mr. Negative is pretty cool also.

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Awesome video MT, the longest and the best video you made, I like the improvements you made, at the beginning and at the end of the video. Great job MT.

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Nice video I always love when you do these.  Love the improvements. 

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